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About Us

With a combined 62 years of support to the community, Hope House and Hill House provide a continuum of care - from the time of a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness - end-of-life care - grief & bereavement support

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350 Industrial Parkway South, Aurora

212-10909 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill


36 Wright Street, Richmond Hill


Hope House Community Hospice (HHCH), formerly Hospice King-Aurora-Richmond Hill is a charitable non-profit organization.


Since 1983 HHCH has been providing programs and services to those diagnosed with life-threatening illness, the people who care for them and those who are bereaved. We do not have beds and instead provide support to people in their homes and at our office. Our strength is our team of volunteers who care, assist, lead, teach and inspire our clients and our staff. 


HHCH serves King Township, south Aurora and Richmond Hill however anyone from York Region is welcome to attend programs not offered by their local hospice. 



A community where no one journeys alone through illness or loss.



Our professional staff and dedicated volunteers provide innovative, personalized compassionate support, - at no cost - to people diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, their families and caregivers and those who are bereaved.


  • Compassion  We support individuals with care, kindness & acceptance

  • Collaboration  We work together to advance and innovate hospice palliative care

  • Inclusivity  We strive to create safe spaces, seek to support equality and belonging

  • Integrity  We are honest and fair in all we do

  • Respect  We appreciate and embrace the unique perspectives of all individuals and cultures

Hill House Hospice is a three-bed hospice residence located in the heart of Richmond Hill. 


We believe that it is the right of every individual with a life-threatening illness to receive palliative care appropriate to his or her needs.


The MISSION of Hill House Hospice is:

  • to provide palliative care to individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness in a home-like setting;

  • to provide support for their families and friends; and

  • to ensure that each patient is treated with dignity, respect and the highest standard of care.


Hospitium, or home, is derived from the Greek word meaning where you wish to be. However, hospice is not just a place or building, but is a concept of care that can be delivered wherever the patient is. Often used interchangeably with palliative care, hospice is a truly holistic and interdisciplinary approach toward caring for the terminally ill.

The overriding objectives of hospice care are:

  • to honour a person’s right to dignity and respect;

  • the relief of suffering;

  • and, the achievement of a peaceful death, free from physical, spiritual and emotional distress.

In all respects, hospice emphasizes the importance of “living until one dies” within a caring and compassionate environment.



Hill House is a home-like alternative to institutional care and in-home care for those who are in the final stage of a terminal illness. The values we practice everyday while we promote this home like environment include:

  • Honesty and Integrity   Communicating truthfully and clearly with everyone in the family and on the care team. We also ensure that all  patient information is kept confidential.

  • Compassion   Caring for the clients, families and all members of our community with kindness and empathy 

  • Respect and Dignity   Using humility and fairness in our interactions with others. Having a strong sense of pride in all that we do

  • Accountability   Adhering to the highest standard policies, professional practices and procedures at all times. Empowering our staff and volunteers to continue learning and constant growth as an organization.

  • Teamwork   Collaborating internally and externally, respecting and caring for each other, and providing for our patients and families

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